Evolux OS

An operating system optimized for security, productivity and ease of use - even on lw powered devices like the Raspberry Pi.

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Welcome to the Evolux OS


The purpose of the Evolux OS project is to produce an operating system that is easy to use without compromising funktionality and produktivity.

User interface

The user interface is inspired by RISC OS, and features dragndrop and popup menus and puts the filesystem front and center.
Unlike most consumer operating systens, Evolus echews fullscreen modes and other singletasking UIs, because they inheritantly reduce the users access to other programs and functions. Windows kan still be maximized.



One of the goals of the Evolux OS project is to implement the RIS OS api and thus allow RISC OS applications to run. The progress of this effort is on the status pages.


Evolux features a Linux kernel and Linux programs will run on Evolux OS as long as they are ARM compatible and don't rely on thirdparty packages that are not part of Evolux.